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Unit 1 Benchmark - -Natural causes and Man-made causes 7...

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 Unit 1 Benchmark Study Guide: worth 20 points      - Use pages 4-47 to help you study/Chapters 1-2      - Use your notes and quizzes to help formulate your answers 1. Climate in Louisiana 2. Types of maps and their uses 3. Parts of a map- scale, legend, index, title 4. Population density 5. Bar graph 6. Things that negatively impact the coast- contribute to coastal erosion
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Unformatted text preview: -Natural causes and Man-made causes 7. Natural regions: Coastal Marshes, Floodplains, and Uplands 8. Cultural regions (5 of them)- know their physical and cultral characteristics 9. Louisiana immigrants- French Acadians 10. Different types of Lakes and how they are formed (5 of them) 11. Major rivers in Louisiana (9 of them) 12. How we control rivers (4 ways)...
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