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Kubrick dramatizes the absurdity of Cold War Logic throughout the whole movie Dr. Strangelove. In the pre film lecture we talked about the two cornerstone ideas in Cold War America. First, democracy was the “highpoint of human history” and things were based on technological advances. Second, was that communism was the only real danger to America which is why mutually assured destruction (MAD) was created. In this particular scene, Kubrick is using the doomsday machine as a direct representation of MAD. They describe the machine as essentially having a mind of its own; once it is triggered it cannot be untriggered. The absurdity of this whole idea is that if one side believes the other will attack, they start a nuclear war. Once a nuclear war is in effect, no one wins because everyone is annihilated. When Dr. Strangelove describes the machine, he explains that because of the machine’s automated decision process it “rules out human medaling.” The way he says this line is with a sort of disgust towards humanity. It is
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