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Lowe's Companies: Training and Development Author: Team D: Seana Ward, Jeanne Tarrant, Robert Wilkerson, Marsha Smalls Date: June 14, 2010 Introduction At Lowe's, training and development of their employees is of the highest importance. The management staff strives to teach employees what they need to know with using a hands-on-approach. Lowe’s training and development covers computer based training, training courses, on the job training and training videos. Lowe's uses many training and employee development methods to turn employees the future leaders of the organization. Lowe's Learning Center When an employee is hired, the training process begins with a list of computer based tests. The tests are located on the companies training website called, Lowe's Learning Center or LLC. The LLC training courses are offered to all employees and they are required to further their knowledge and cross train as time allows. The training courses are designed to give the new employee the basic knowledge of their perspective departments. The computer based training can take up to two days to complete and cashiers testing training is at least three days. For the first two weeks, after the initial tests are completed the new employees are given mentors who provide them with the rest of the information they will need. Human Resource Manager’s monitor when an employee needs to have more training. Training happens periodically throughout an employee’s time at Lowe’s there is level one, level two, ongoing and exceptions. Level one is not only for new people, but also for employees that switch departments. If they do not finish all of their testing they are not eligible for commissions and this impacts their ability to get any upcoming raises. Level
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Unit_3_White_Paper_Revised[1] - Lowe's Companies: Training...

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