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BUSI 342 Collaborative Learning Project Instructions Each team will be responsible for reading the Stanford Business Case Men’s Wearhouse: Success in a Declining Industry by Jeffrey Pfeffer, and then will work collaboratively on a 10-page case response complying with the formatting and content instructions below. The first week of class, your instructor will assign you to a group. You should then contribute weekly to your team's discussion in your Discussion Group. One member of your team will submit the final version of this assignment in Module 7. Format Minimum of 10 pages, double spaced not including title and reference pages. Times New Roman, 12-point font Left justified only with one and one half inch margins on the left side One inch margins at the top, right and bottom APA format Numbered pages Minimum of 7 scholarly journal references Show block quotations for more than 40 words: o Single spaced with double space separating quotes o Indented 5 spaces from left hand margin
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