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Rotman Portfolio Manager - Quick Start Guide Class Code: MGTC71 Class Password: money (Fill this out with the information provided to you in class.) Getting Started 1. Direct your browser to and download/run the RPM Installation program. 2. Double click the Rotman Portfolio Manager icon on your desktop or access it from your Start Menu to launch the application. Registering Your Account 1. Students must be enrolled in a RPM-based course in order to setup an account. In class, your professor will give you a class code and a class password. Write it down at the top of this instruction sheet when your professor provides it! 2. When you run the RPM application, you will see the login screen. Click on the “Create Login” link in the top right corner. 3. Fill in the create account dialogue box. Make sure that you enter your class code and password correctly as given to you, otherwise you will not be able to create the account. You will need to purchase a serial key from the RPM website in order to register your account. 4. You are now logged in and ready to trade! In the future, instead of using the Create Login link, you will simply need to enter your Username and Password.
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Using the Software The Rotman Portfolio Manager application is organized in a modular way so that each user can personalize the look and feel of their trading interface. Each support module contains different information pertaining to trading and your portfolio. To open a module, simply click on the button at the top of the toolbar. The module can then be moved and resized anywhere on the screen. A - Accounts 1. The first module that you should open is the User Accounts page. It gives you a quick overview of your account information and currency balances. Since RPM is designed to be international in scope, the majority of accounts will have multiple sub-accounts that show balances of each currency that you are entitled to trade securities with. In order to keep track of your portfolio value, RPM converts all of your holdings and balances to a single base currency which is reported at the top as your Portfolio Value . Currencies: AUD - Australian Dollars CAD - Canadian Dollars EUR - Euros GBP - Great Britain Pounds JPY - Japanese Yen USD - US Dollars CHF - Swiss Francs If your account is a margin account, RPM allows for short cash positions. That means that you can decide how to fund a trade (for more information on this, please refer to the
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Rotman_Portfolio_Manager_v2_Help_MGTC71 - Rotman Portfolio...

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