Assignment_One - Management C31 Summer Term, 2011...

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Management – C31 Summer Term, 2011 Assignment One The Case Carlos Mina is a professional dance instructor, offering private and small group lessons to students who wish to either learn or improve their dancing. He is, however, quite expensive and not everyone can afford his fees. So when one of his top students, Katrina Ip, suggested that she might branch off into more affordable large group lessons it seemed like a very good idea. Carlos agreed to promote Katrina's lessons on his website and refer students to her who could otherwise not afford lessons. They decided that $10 per lesson was a reasonable price, and with enough students she might do well. They also agreed that Carlos' fee would be $2 per student for each lesson, in return for his promotion, guidance, and referrals. Carlos had the right to review the finances of the business so that he could verify he was receiving the right amount. Initially, Katrina had trouble locating space for her lessons. But Carlos was well known around the city and he approached the owner of a local fitness club that had a suitable room. The owner asked if he could trust Katrina and Carlos replied that "she is very professional and reliable -- I wouldn't be in business with her otherwise." The owner then agreed to rent the space for Katrina's lessons. For a while things went very well and Katrina's lessons were quite popular.
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This note was uploaded on 07/20/2011 for the course MGMT 31 taught by Professor Rayed during the Spring '11 term at University of Toronto- Toronto.

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Assignment_One - Management C31 Summer Term, 2011...

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