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Chapter 15: Treatment ofPsychological Disorders Types of Treatment Psychotherapy - refers to all the diverse approaches used treat a mental illness. Insight therapies - "talk therapy," a patient talks about their problem and the psychologist helps them with their problem. Behavior therapies - work focused on changing the way a person behaves (they teach you to function normally, most work is done outside of therapy). Biomedical therapies - designed to alter you biological functioning (pills and other medications, less work than the other two). Read the handouts! Most people with mental illnesses DO NOT seek help. Who Seeks Treatment? 15% of U.S. population in a given year (many wealthy, lazy people seek treatment with they do not have a disorder) Most common presenting problems - anxiety and depression Women more than men Medical insurance - covers treatment if you have a diagnosis. Education level - more education, more likely to get treatment. Who Provides Treatment? Clinical psychologists - talk to you, no prescriptions Counseling psychologists Psychiatrists - medical doctors that prescribe medications Clinical social workers Psychiatric nurses Counselors Therapist and psychotherapist are not licensed doctors.
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Insight Therapies: Psychoanalysis (Psychodynamic Therapy) Psychoanalysis (Psychodynamic Therapy) - wants to make the unconscious conscious (remembering what you repressed, therapist has all of the control over the sessions and is frustrating for the patient). Sigmund Freud and followers Goal : discover unresolved unconscious conflicts (something clicks and then the person will take care of it themselves). Free association
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Psyc_Chapter_15 - Chapter 15: Treatment ofPsychological...

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