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hw7 - discussed in class Use a full adder for compression...

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ECEN 248: Introduction to Digital System Design Department of Electrical Engineering Texas A&M University Assignment #7 Due Thursday, November 6, 2009 1. [30 points.] Suppose I want to design a binary multiplier which multiplies an 8 bit number by a 6 bit number. (a) How many bits do I need for the result? (b) Perform the multiplication of the binary number 11011011 by the binary number 111011, using the ”pen-and-paper” method. (c) Write down the 6 partial products that are required when you do the multiplication of part b) using digital logic (d) Compress all the partial products of part c) to two operands, using column compression, as we
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Unformatted text preview: discussed in class. Use a full adder for compression. Column compression first takes the LSB column, and compresses it down to 1 or 2 bits. Then we compress the next most significant bit down to 1 or 2 bits, and so on. 2. [20 points.] Consider the following SOP expression: f = ab + acd + acef + aceg . Perform factorization of this expression, using the most commonly occurring literal as the factor. After each factorization step, you will get new SOP expression(s). Repeatedly factorize these expressions until it is not longer possible to factorize any further. 1...
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