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cs31s11dis1 - CS31 Introduction to Computer Science I...

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Discussion 1H (Week 1, April 1) TA: Brian Choi ([email protected]) Section Webpage: http://www.cs.ucla.edu/~schoi/cs31 Programming Language What is a programming language ? Look at the following table. Human Language Programming Language Machine Language English Spanish Italian ... C C++ Java ... binary numbers for humans easy medium difficult for computers difficult medium easy Here are examples: In English: Hey Computer, say “Hello!” In a programming language (C++): cout << “Hello!” << endl; In a machine language: 010001011010011100100100100101 (or something similar to this) Do you think you can understand this machine language? Likewise, our language is cryptic to machines (computers). Now, computers will not do anything, unless we give it an instruction. If we can’t talk in binary numbers, and if they can’t understand English, how can we make computers do what we want them to do? That is the role of a programming language . It is a language of “medium difficulty” for both us humans and computers. As you can see in the example above, while it might not make too
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