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EMA 6166 Name: Polymer Composites Student ID: EXAM III (120 minutes) June 7, 1999 HONOR CODE : We, the members of the University of Florida community, pledge to hold ourselves and our peers to the highest standards of honesty and integrity * . Part I: Definitions (20 pts): Give a brief, succinct description of the term(s) listed using only the space provided. Use equations where appropriate. 1. HDT: 2. ILSS: 3. microbuckling: 4. Pultrusion: 5. warp (wovens): 6. RTM: 7. specially orthotropic lamina: 8. m X and m Y :
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Page 2 9. CTBN: 10. DGEBA: Part II: Indicate whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE . Give an explanation if the statement is false. (12 pts) State whether the following relationships are true or false for general orthotropic lamina ( θ 0 or 90°). If false give the correct form. Also assume S represents the compliance matrix. TRUE FALSE CORRECT FORM 1. S 11 = 1/3G XY _____ _____ _______ 2. S 12 = 1/E XY _____ _____ _______ 3. S 22
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Spring-1999-EMA6166-Final-Exam - EMA 6166 Polymer...

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