Spring-2002-EMA-6166-Exam1 - POLYMER COMPOSITES - Spring...

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POLYMER COMPOSITES - Spring 2002 EMA 6166 - EXAM I STUDENT #:____________________ INSTRUCTIONS: Read the entire exam carefully. Answer every question to the best of your ability, based upon the available information. State all assumptions you use in answers. HONOR CODE : We, the members of the University of Florida community, pledge to hold ourselves and our peers to the highest standards of honesty and integrity. You are required to attest to this on the last page SECTION I:Terminology/Definitions/Concepts: 1. Give a BRIEF description for each of the following terms in the SPACE provided. (24pts) a. fill (in woven cloth): b. HDT: c. BisGMA: d. Silane: e. tan δ : f. PEEK: g. Kevlar : h. specific modulus: EMA 6166 Spring 2002 EXAM1.doc
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POLYMER Composites - Spring 2002 EMA 6166 - EXAM I 2. Concepts. Answer the following statements with TRUE or FALSE . If the statement is false, state the reason(s). If you believe a statement can be made TRUE by a simple qualifier, then state it clearly. (12 pts) a. The elastic modulus in tension for a unidirectional fiber reinforced composite is directly proportional to the weight fraction of the fiber if tested in the direction of the fiber. b. The shear modulus scales directly with the elastic modulus for an ideal elastomer with a Poissons ratio of 0.4. c. The dynamic modulus is inversely proportional to the n- average molar mass of a polymer. d. The rubbery modulus of a semi-crystalline polymer matrix decreases with increasing volume fraction of crystals. e. The tensile stress of a plain square weave glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin will be higher in the longitudinal direction than the transverse direction for a fixed strain.
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Spring-2002-EMA-6166-Exam1 - POLYMER COMPOSITES - Spring...

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