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IT 210 Week 1 DQ 1 Why do you think the requirements analysis process is so difficult? Describe two things you can do to overcome these difficulties. The analysis process is very difficult because it requires a vast amount of research and interviewing of customers, employees, and supervisors. The analysis process allows the programmer to gain knowledge of what the program is supposed to achieve. Basically, this process is the leg work of programming. The research may involve communicating with many people, from customers to the president of a company. By interviewing all of these people, the programmer will gain a better understanding of what needs to be accomplished with the programming. What makes this so difficult is that everyone is going to have a different concept of what the output should be able to accomplish. Therefore, it will be very difficult to satisfy a very broad group of people.
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Unformatted text preview: To overcome many of the difficulties in the analysis process, the programmer should remain open to many different suggestions. They should not choose sides with one person’s or one groups’ ideas, but keep an open mind throughout the project. Unfortunately, many people, including myself, will often find it difficult to remain impartial and open to other employees’, customers’, or managements’ ideas. Another way to eliminate some of the difficulties is to be very concise and to the point. Ask only the most appropriate and important questions. Programmers should not ask questions that will confuse the customers, employees, and supervisors. The questions should be presented in a format similar to a job interview. By staying on point, the programmer will get the best and most useful information that will help in developing the best possible outcome....
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