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Technology Essay- Lucas - Melissa Lucas Burton World Lit....

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Melissa Lucas Burton World Lit. 2-6-07 The Trials and Tribulations of Technology The absence of technology between the years 476-1000 demonstrated Europe’s failure to utilize thousands of years of prior classical technology and human achievements. For instance, ancient Romans had intricately engineered plumbing and sewer systems which allowed them to operate bath houses, thus enabling them to have a high standard of hygiene. On the other hand, during the early middle ages of European civilization, inhabitants residing in large cities did not have such forefront knowledge, and in turn helped to manifest extremely unsanitary living conditions. Unlike the Dark Ages, current American technology is based on all precedents and thousands of years of research and development, trial and error, as well as judgment and morality. The thirst for new technology is and will forever be relentless, because humankind has reached a point of no return in which technology can not be unlearned or forgotten. At what point however do individuals abuse such technology and fail to recognize its dangerous potentials? A recent study found that ninety percent of Americans aged eighteen to twenty-four could not successfully identify Afghanistan on a map and of that same group only sixty-three percent could locate Iraq ( ). Geographic illiteracy is becoming more and more prominent with younger generations because the schools are unable to allocate adequate coverage of geography in favor of newer subjects. Subjects such as basic computer literacy, advanced physical education, and social interaction and memory retention lessons have been added to modern scholastic programs. These additions while positive in value do
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Technology Essay- Lucas - Melissa Lucas Burton World Lit....

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