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World Literature 2333 SPRING 2011 Hurshel Burton, Ph.D. Response Essay Part 1 Choose one question to answer. Question must be answered completely utilizing Bloom’s Taxonomy, research and MLA documentation as footnotes. MLA Documentation Required 1 Page Single Spaced 9 Pt. Type size 3-4 sources per question D1. H.G. Wells’ view of the Victorian age was one that reflected a staunch social order. Wells rejected both philosophical and faith based ideologies that competed with science for the “forward thinking” and questioning minds of his times. How is this imagery and commentary projected in his book [and the three film adaptations] of The Time Machine? Discuss, Compare and Contrast these three offered parables as they relate to both issues of technology, generational shifts and Social Darwinism. Be sure to cite correctly all information. D2. Compare the “Icarian Plight” of technological advancements in the 16 th -19 th centuries to the plight of advances in the modern age. Cite examples given through films, documentaries or literature we have discussed in class. Taking into consideration the Films/Literature reviewed and the current constructs of your personal existence, how does technology affect both positively and negatively your capacity for knowledge, your understanding/ interpretation of the world, and your belief in your faith system? Please use information covered in the course to respond. D3. Clive Thompson of Wired Magazine argues that “Science Fiction is the last bastion of philosophical writing”. During the 19 th century we witnessed the birth of the Sci-Fi Romance as well as a change in social order, science, religion, and politics art and commerce. Wells reflects man’s apathy through his two societies the Elois and Morlocks. In Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” we view what
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