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Annotation SAMPLE 1 - should be at the top once getting out...

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Annotated Bibliography Twenge, Jean M. "Self-Entitlement of Grads Can be a Curse." Arizona Republic (2009): 1. Web. 14 Nov 2010. <http://www.azcentral.com/arizonarepublic/opinions/articles/2009/05/30/20090530tweng e30.html In the article, “Self-entitlement grads can be a curse” by Jean M. Twenge, it gives more background information over “Generation me” on how we think that everything is going too handed to us just by saying “I tried”. In the article it mentions how young teenagers think that just by attending class everyday without doing work they should get a high grade in class. Students, and even workers, expect a prize just because they tried even if they failed to complete the project correctly. Students think without actually doing the work properly and understanding more in depth of the information given by the teacher is essential. More students’ think that they
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Unformatted text preview: should be at the top once getting out of school without even having training or experience. This generation is unlikely to succeed in the workplace with these attitudes. Although these attitudes where developed since childhood, it is not right to award someone for failure. These are bad habits that parents show their children and need to be changed at a very early stage of their life. Not only do they want to get awarded all the time, they want everything to come easy. This generation expects to succeed over night without the hard work that should be put in to all the time. Therefore, bad outcomes will continue until things change and people look at everything differently than thinking unrealistically. The more that people procrastinate on changing there bad habits the longer time it may take to recover from these tendencies. Word count: 273...
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