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Problem number 4. 1. The following problem is about the accidents occurred during 1970, is it consistent? 2. The data has been derived from the Minitab Student Handbook (p. 225) The variables  are months, observed accidents, expected accidents. 3. Null Hypothesis is the consistent number of accidents and the alternate hypothesis is the  number of accidents not consistent. Alpha value is 0.05. 4. I have used Microsoft Excell, created tables  containing of the columns of Months, 
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Unformatted text preview: observed accidents, expected number of accidents [((100/12)/100)*total number of accidents occurred] and chi distribution. 5. The test statistic is the summation of (observed-Expected)^2/Expected, which is 87.73981. Degrees of freedom for this problem = 11, Critical Value = 19.675. and P value = 4.62E-14. 6. I am rejecting the hypothesis as the test statistic is higher than the critical value. 7. Please see attached Page. 8. Please see attached page....
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