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Problem number 2 - 5 The test statistic is the summation...

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Problem number 2. 1. The following problem is about the output of the 5 coins been flipped 3590 times. 2. The counts observed and recorded in a table. The variables are number of Heads came  out. 3. Ho: P(heads) = 0.5 and HA : P(heads) not equal to 0.5. Alpha value is 0.05. 4. I have used Microsoft Excell, created tables and did the calculations.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. The test statistic is the summation of (observed-Expected)^2/Expected, which is 1.3611.Degrees of freedom for this problem = 1, Critical Value = 11.0705. and P value = .00065284. 6. I am rejecting the hypothesis as the test statistic is higher than the critical value. 7. Please see attached Page. 8. Please see attached page....
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