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Week 9 Final Assignment

Week 9 Final Assignment - first sentence because it was not...

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Week 9 Final Assignment Paragraph two was more effective than paragraph one. Paragraph 1 had no structure it seemed like the writer was just writing down random thoughts. Furthermore, paragraph two had a better flow and much more information relating to the topic it was discussing. The author’s use of sentence variety in paragraph two by using short and long sentences helped to break up the monotony of the paragraph, and made it much easier and enjoyable to read. In conclusion paragraph two was more effective than paragraph one because the author used more sentence variety and expressed a complete thought in each sentence. The feedback I recieved from writepoint was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Writepoint started out by telling me that I should write out numbers under the sum of 10. It was suggested by writepoint that I remove the coma I had placed before "because" in my
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Unformatted text preview: first sentence because it was not a conjucntion. I thought that there should be a coma before because i was transitioning into why I thought paragraph two was more effective. One suggestion that I did not agree with was when I used "the writer" writepoint said if I was referring to myself in the third person that I should use I, me, or my but I was reffering to the author not myself. I believe writepoint will be very helpful in my future here at the University of Phoenix. I was very surprised that Writepoint only took a few minutes to complete. I thought it was going to take a lot longer, but I still suggest submitting your work a few days before the due date to give yourself time to review and make the nessacary corrections. I am still learning how to write effectively and having Writepoint as a useful tool will help me by showing me my mistake and how to improve my writing....
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