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Challenges of A Paper

Challenges of A Paper - Challenges of A Paper When writing...

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Challenges of A Paper When writing a paper, either academic or professionally, there are many obstacles that one has to over-come. There are three major challenges I come across when writing a paper. The first challenge is coming up with a topic that is interesting to write about. Sometimes it’s hard to find new and interesting things to say about a certain topic if it doesn’t interest me or if I don’t know enough about it. It’s also hard to find new things to say about topics that have been written about over and over again. The second challenge is using proper grammar and punctuation. I find it hard to find the correct placement of certain things like colons, semicolons, quotations and commas. The third and final challenge I come across when writing is making sure my paper makes sense and clearly gets my idea or point of view across. Often times I find myself rearranging the order of my sentences and paragraphs in a way that makes the most sense. These
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