African American's A History

African American's A History - African-Americans: A History...

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African-American’s: A History Chapter 1, Entry 1 My name is Brandon and I am a 30 year African-American male from Illinois. I am going to give you a brief history lesson in the origins of African-Americans and how we came to be. Through course of this paper I will also cover the struggles we have encountered since being brought to the American Colonies such as slavery and segregation. I will also discuss our accomplishments and the positive impact we have had on American Society. Our origins as the name of our subgroup suggest begin in Africa, a vast and beautiful country filled with history and known as the wild kingdom because of the vast amounts of wild animals only found on the savannas. It is believed that Africa is the cradle of life and were modern man got its origins or the birth place of the human race. We are the decedents of Kings and Queens, warriors, and farmers. According to most historians the first African slaves were brought to America around 1619 when a Dutch ship brought 20 African slaves to Virginia and traded them for food and water. During this time slavery wasn’t unheard of in the world in fact many great civilizations used slave labor to build their empires. Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Chinese, and even the ancient Aztec and Incans of pre-colonial America
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African American's A History - African-Americans: A History...

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