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Defining Race and Ethnicity

Defining Race and Ethnicity - These concepts are important...

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Defining Race and Ethnicity The term race, to me, means the obvious differences in one’s appearance, like the color of skin, facial features or even type of hair. As our society has progressed, the differences have become blurred do to the acceptance of interracial marriage. Ethnicity is how we group different people and categorize them. Not all black people are considered just black, there are African-Americans, Africans, and even South Americans. Ethnicity doesn’t just define race, customs or the beliefs a certain person or group was raised with is also considered Ethnicity. For example Jewish people who were raised to celebrate Chanukah or Christians who celebrate Christmas. Why are these concepts important to United States society?
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Unformatted text preview: These concepts are important because it is wrong to judge a person based on skin color, what they eat, or who they pray to. Americans are guilty, not as a whole but, as a majority of being stereotypical and biased towards people who appear different to them. Too many children are being raised in homes where parents are teaching them not to be friends with someone if they do not have the same skin color as them or pray to the same God as them. It is important to be culturally diverse and have an open mind. It is important to meet new people, try new foods and learn their cooking methods. Being open minded to meet culturally diverse individuals will broaden your knowledge base....
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