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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination

Ethnic Groups and Discrimination - Ethnic Groups and...

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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination I am mixed with a lot of different ethnic groups, all of which are European white expect one which I have most of my blood from. I chose to write about my American Indian heritage because I am one-fourth Indian which is more than any of my other ethnic bloodlines. American Indians have roamed these beautiful lands of American since the first explorers came to these shores looking for answers to scientific questions like “is the world round or flat?, riches, and the unknown. The history books we all read in grade school like to tell a story of how the Indians helped the first explorers by showing them how to plant corn and other vegetables. As more colonists and explorers came to these lands they viewed American Indians as savages and feared them. From the time of the first explorers there was racism because they colonists considered these people as savages and did not consider them to be civilized humans because of how they lived, dressed, and talked. As more and more explorers and adventure
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