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Implicit Association Test - just to get a favorable score...

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Implicit Association Test I took the race test between European Americans and African Americans and the results of that test we that I have little to no preference between European American and African Americans. I do agree the results of the test were valid and it is true I don’t have a preference between white or black and try to view everyone equally. I believe the results came from the questions that were asked after the test and not the actual test itself. I don’t see how a test that measures how fast you can press two buttons can determine how prejudice a person is. I also don’t agree that any test can truly determine if someone is prejudice because not all people are honest about being prejudice and could answer the questions falsely
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Unformatted text preview: just to get a favorable score or outcome. A lot of people are quiet about their prejudice and don’t let it be known outside their home or even themselves. Another measurement sociologists use to determine prejudice is the Bogardus social distance scale which was developed by Emery S. Bogardus in the 1930’s and attempts to measure peoples warmth, intimacy, indifference, or hostility towards another group with a series of statements about a particular group (i.e Religious group) and if a person would want this group to be allowed in the country, fellow citizens, neighbors, personal friends, and close kin by marriage....
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