Modern Challengers of Immigration

Modern Challengers of Immigration - Modern Challengers of...

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Unformatted text preview: Modern Challengers of Immigration Immigration has long been a debated topic in America. I chose Irish immigrants as my ethnic group because many Irish Americans came to our shores seeking a better life during the early years of America. They like many illegal immigrants were viewed as outsiders by Americans that were born here. I do not believe I would enjoy immigrating to this country during the civil war period when my ancestors came here searching for a better life or now. The citizenship and naturalization process is long and very expensive and although I could potentially create a better life for myself here the cost and waiting period is just too much. I am not sure how hard or easy it would be for me to become a legal citizen but I know it would be very expensive based on the countries immigration website. I do not believe those prices to be fair because many of us that come to America looking for a better life are poor and can barely afford to make the trip here let alone pay all the fees required to become a citizen. To me its a form of taking make the trip here let alone pay all the fees required to become a citizen....
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