Race in My Community

Race in My Community - Race in My Community By Brandon...

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Race in My Community By Brandon Hunter 7/3/2011 ETH/125
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other than a few Hispanic families. As far as I am able to tell in my 3 years of living here there are not many racial issues. Most of the Hispanic members of the community are treated as everyone else is. Most are employed in various different jobs around the community as landscapers and the bilingual Hispanics have jobs that require a lot of interaction with both White- Americans and Hispanic-American such as secretaries or sales positions. Many Mexican holidays are celebrated as well as White-American holidays. We all have a voice when it comes to politics and decisions about the community that are made. Overall we all get along with no racial issues, at least that I have noticed in my few years here. In my community the majority of members do look like me. Most of the members of my community resemble me because many of them are white just like me. Although styles of clothes different with most people of the same race and different race some of us do dress with normal styles of clothes such as jeans and t-shirt. There some in my community that are different than I and those few are Mexican-Americans. Their skin color is darker than mine and the majority of them speak mainly Spanish. The leaders of our community which are primarily made up of White-Americans and Hispanic Americans treat those of my race and who look like me with respect and compassion, they also treat those who differ from me with that same respect and dignity and listen to any issues that we may have in regards to the community. Even those who are not legal immigrants of the United States are shown respect. Most of our community are hardworking, honest, and do the best they can to provide everything
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Race in My Community - Race in My Community By Brandon...

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