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ME3340_EXAM1 - 1 A 4—ft by 3-t‘t massless teetenguler...

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Unformatted text preview: 1?: A 4—ft by 3-t‘t massless teetenguler gate is used to close the end of the water tank shown in Fig. P2371. A 200 lb weight attached to the arm of the gate at a distance 8 from the fricfion- less hinge is just sufficient to keep the gate closed when the water depth is 2 ft, that is. when the water fills the semicircular lower portion of the tank. If the water were deeper the gate would open. Determine the distance 8. IFIGUFIE P2.7I FR: 5'11; A he‘lQVl. antes“) etteett "—1239? 331k) IF£+LI19FH _ 31,342 20015 ...
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