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Radiation Midtenn Exam ME 3345 Heat Transfer Spring 2011 Hesketh TIME ALLOWED 55 MINUTES Name: ________ Grade: __ Question 1 (30 pts): Radiation leaves a furnace at a temperature of 1200 K through an opening 10mm in diameter. A portion of the radiation is intercepted by a circular detector of area to- 3 m 2 directly in front of, and a distance of2m away. Determine the following: (1) Intensity ofradiation leaving the furnace through the opening, (2) The solid angle between the detector and the furnace, (3) The rate at which radiation from the furnace is intercepted by the detector, (4) The net radiation exchange between the detector and the furnace. Assume the detector is black and at the temperature of the surroundings, 300K. -.I.= £ b":= t::: ~ iLI/C}:; BotJY Lb := ~ /; ~Z(L. . ¥11f~'- £6==- IJ 7f:"70 W/m7-- dw ~ ~:: R"L I[, A, coJ"~ c:iw eLt - <:: ;) ~ f,t. .24-)I. tr /0- e/f/4- X /" z-t;lo -~ =o. . otx:il.?w - /I; ~2 (G£) - t2~) ~2- trio. 01", I \ tf7~j t:r ~.r. (,"4./D. .8(t2-ot;/'· - socf') -= Lt- 00073 if L (1. OI)Y/I- ,t.J17 >70 1/1-::' Q·()j)8W Page 1
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Solution+Radiation+Midterm+Spring+2011 - Radiation Midtenn...

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