Historical Laws and Security CJS

Historical Laws and Security CJS

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Historical Laws and Security CJS/250 The Code of Hammurabi: The Code of Hammurabi was created in the Babylon by the Babylonian king in 1700 BC which holds 282 laws . The code represented punishments like “you hurt me, I hurt you.” Draco’s Law: Draco law started in the 620’s BC in the period of Seven Sages of Greece. The Draco Law was made and is used today for sentencing to death. Law of the Twelve Tables: The Twelve Tables is a ground for the Roman laws that was established in the late 400’s BC. The tables of law was made to straight how crime would be judge and help the lower class from the higher class that carried the power. Justinian Code: The Code was created between 529-565 AD in Rome with the power to sway the common law systems. Most of the Justinian Code is used in the justice system of today. Magna Carta: The Magna Carta is an England version of the “due process”
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Unformatted text preview: issued in 1215 with 37 Charter. Statute of Westminster: The Statute of Westminster established in 1931 of the United Kingdom. The law is an equal dominion government which legislate the independent countries. • Each of the Laws was directed by different rulers of what their ideas of punishment should be. In later years the laws was taking away and combined into equal rights to protect all citizens. For example if you had public security you would call for help, unlike the private security you would handle the criminal matter yourself. The need for private and public security still exists is because crime as increased and not only the higher class need protect the lower class of people use the public security to be protected. The public security is government controlled and the private is more of a self-hired company you pay for....
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Historical Laws and Security CJS

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