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Sheet1 Page 1 31 3 Sterols a. have no fatty-acid component. b. consist of four rings. c. may have different numbers, types, and positions of functional groups attached to them. d. are a specialized type of lipid. e. all of these 32 3 ____ are the main components of cell membranes. a. Triglycerides b. Phospholipids c. Unsaturated fats d. Steroids e. Fatty acids 33 3 Primary protein structure is formed by a. hydrophobic interactions. b. hydrogen bonds. c. bonds between amino acids. d. covalent linkages between carbon and oxygen. e. all of these 34 3 Amino acids are the building blocks for a.
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Sheet1 Page 2 proteins. b. carbohydrates. c. lipids. d. nucleic acids. e. most macromolecules. 35 3 Amino acids are linked by what kind of bonds to form the primary structure of a protein? a. disulfide
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Unformatted text preview: b. hydrogen c. ionic d. peptide e. none of these 36 3 The interaction of four polypeptide chains in a hemoglobin molecule is its ____ structure. a. quaternary b. secondary c. primary d. tertiary e. combined 37 3 The figure below illustrates one possible ____ structure of ____. mc037-1.jpg a. primary proteins b. Sheet1 Page 3 primary carbohydrates c. primary lipids d. secondary proteins e. tertiary proteins 38 3 Denaturation of proteins may result in all of the following EXCEPT a. breakage of hydrogen bonds. b. loss of three-dimensional structure. c. removal of R groups from amino acids. d. alteration of enzyme activity. e. endangerment of cell's life....
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Labpracticeqzweek4 - b hydrogen c ionic d peptide e none of...

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