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Sheet1 Page 1 Science? . .... Life? Science = Life Science? specialized activity done by highly trained congential nerds? privileged access to Truth? irrelevant to common human concerns? a body of (difficult to understand) "facts"? Scientific method: hypothesis -> experiment -> proof or disproof . ..? hypothesis = summary of observations experiment = new observation hypotheses not provable, only disprovable process infinitely recursive Hence: Science is not Truth Cannot be evaluated by increasing proximity to Truth Progresses as summaries of ever greater bodies of observations (unification) Depends on combinations of diverse perspectives, necessarily social/communication dependent Start from where one is, do what one knows how to do, accept value of (ideally enjoy) being wrong Common sense but taken SERIOUSLY Check understanding (hypothesis=summary of observations) by prediction/test instead of using authority, fit to expectations Create summaries, striving for most general ones (check for consistencies among summaries) Accept permanent uncertainty Summaries of observations critical: Constitute useful (but always tentative) models of world ("best guess", "starting point", but also "preconceptions") Serve to motivate new observations Necessarily include both personal and social influences Necessarily include creative (random?) element Must have predictive value and be falsifiable. Science = a long standing, ongoing (infinitely recursive), and apparently quite successful effort to make sense of the world, an for which everyone is equipped from birth, in which everyone is inevitably involved, from which comes insights of significance to everyone which is creative/surprising/fun (if one likes novelty/change). Life . ... ? Living organism? How tell? Start with preconceptions . ... Practical problem . ... life elsewhere in universe? . .. how recognize?
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Sheet1 Page 2 Europa, one of Jupiter's moons, from Galileo Mars, from Pathfinder Life on Mars?, from Earth Beyond the solar system?, from the SETI Institute A living organism is a . .. semi-homeostatic
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lecturenotes1 - Science Life Science = Life Science...

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