Midterm2 - Sheet1 Page 1 This examination consists of nine...

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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 This examination consists of nine multiple choice questions, nine short answer questions, and two short essay questions (from MULTIPLE CHOICE. (2 pts ea) Put the letter corresponding to the best answer in the space provided to the left (answers in b 1. The sequence of bases in a DNA molecule directly specifies: A) the sequence of amino acids in a protein molecule 2. The three-dimensional structure of a protein: A) is determined and fixed by its sequence of amino acids 3. The second law of thermodynamics says that in any isolated system things move from a less probable (more organized) to 4. Which of the following is not a membrane bound organelle? A) nucleus 5. Which of the following structures contribute to the production of proteins by a cell? A) nucleus 6. Mitochondria are found in: A) eukaryotic animal cells 7. ATP is synthesized during: A) cellular respiration 8. Carbon is reduced during: A) cellular respiration 9. The electrons lost by a chlorophyll molecule during photosynthesis are: A) replaced by electrons from water molecules SHORT ANSWER (3 pts ea). Four sentences or fewer. Write legibly in the space provided (sample answers in boldface). 10. Wood consists largely of cellulose, a macromolecule which is a highly improbable assembly of atoms. Briefly explain why Cellulose spontaneously breaks down into a more probable state but does so very slowly because of a high energy of activati 11. Briefly explain why one has to worry about keeping both the temperature and the pH of water within appropriate narrow ra Enzyme structure is critical to function, depends on weak molecular interactions, and hence is highly sensitive to both tempera 12. Changes in protein shape play important roles in cellular function. Give two illustrative examples....
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Midterm2 - Sheet1 Page 1 This examination consists of nine...

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