metabolismquiz - Quiz metabolic pathways This is a practice...

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Quiz: metabolic pathways This is a practice quiz on metabolism. The general theme is for you to explore a pathway you have not seen before, and extract useful information from it. The quiz does not depend much on knowledge of specific biochemical pathways, but it does use general principles you have learned. It requires you to apply ideas you have learned to try to sort out some unfamiliar information. The first point is simply to not be intimidated by the Figure, but rather to dissect it, and see individual pieces of information in it one at a time. (This question was used as a final exam question recently; it has been modified some for this quiz.) I encourage you to read over the entire question (p 2) before starting. But then, do one part, and check yourself (p 3) before continuing. That will help guide you. This is a fairly difficult question, especially in the later parts. You will get the most benefit from it by working through it slowly yourself. Simply reading the answer key will be of little value in helping you to analyze pathways. You need to do the practice yourself. The Figure summarizes some parts of the metabolism in the bacterium Bacillus subtilis. The emphasis in the Figure is on what happens during “fermentation” -- anaerobic metabolism, when oxidative phosphorylation is not available. In glycolysis, glucose (a C 6 compound) is converted to pyruvic acid (2-oxopropanoic acid); two NADH are generated per glucose in glycolysis. A key issue in fermentative pathways, which start with the pyruvate from glycolysis, is getting rid of those two NADH, to regenerate NAD + . (No other knowledge about glycolysis is required.)
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Quiz: metabolic pathways Page 2 Each part below addresses some aspect of this Figure. The parts are substantially independent,
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metabolismquiz - Quiz metabolic pathways This is a practice...

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