Quiz 3 Questions - research? Student Response Value Correct...

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1. Which of the following groups of words has the highest chance of being recalled perfectly?  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback A. cat, automobile,  phone, light, word B. apple, orange,  banana, pear,  watermelon 100% C.garbage, wood,  television, basket,  carpet D.all have equal  chances of being  recalled  Score: 1/1 2. Which of the following stimuli would be most typical of the material that Ebbinghaus used in his memory  research?  Score: 0/1
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3. The existence of long-term memory can be said to be upported by the occurrence of:  Score: 1/1 1. Which of the following stimuli would be most typical of the material that Ebbinghaus used in his memory 
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Unformatted text preview: research? Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback A. HEN B. SAD C.BIF 100% D.TOE Score: 1/1 2. Josh has just finished studying for his final exam in physics. According to Ebbinghauss forgetting curve, if Josh it to forget any of the material he just studied, his degree of forgetting will be at its highest level: Score: 1/1 3. As a result of taking this test today, you are having a difficult time recalling the material you studied yesterday, for a test in tomorrows calculus class. The memory deficit described here illustrates: Score: 1/1...
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Quiz 3 Questions - research? Student Response Value Correct...

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