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Unformatted text preview: e-Syllabus Course Title : General Biology Lab I Name : Chitra Sundaram This information does not constitute all course policies; students are responsible for all course requirements established by their instructors during the semester and all institutional policies as established in the UHD student handbook. LEARNING OBJECTIVES COURSE OBJECTIVES: Students should: • Learn and be able to make conversions between English and Metric measuring systems • Be able to write into or convert from scientific notation, multiple and divide using scientific notation, and create and appropriately label graphs • Be able to use laboratory equipment to make scientific measurements • Be able to identify acids, bases, and buffers from their physical and chemical properties • Learn to identify the classes of macromolecules and their components using various test reagents • Learn the parts of the microscope, how it works, how to compute magnification, and how to use it • Describe the action of enzymes utilized, their substrates and products, and factors that affect enzyme function • Be able to describe and identify the processes of diffusion and osmosis from experiments performed • Be able to give the chemical equation for respiration and photosynthesis, and demonstrate their action by interpretation of lab results of various chemical tests performed • Describe and identify the stages of mitosis; know the difference between mitosis and meiosis and the purpose of each; describe the chemical and physical make-up of chromosomes • Be able to work genetics problems using both monohybrid and dihybrid crosses; evaluate dihybrid crosses utilizing chisquare analysis • Describe transcription and translation, know the rules of base-pairing that govern these processes, and understand how they relate to and determine protein synthesis MAJOR ASSIGNMENTS PARTICIPATION: All students are expected to participate fully in lab. There will be 20 participation points given at the end of the semester based on attendance and participation throughout the entire lab period. QUIZZES & LAB REPORTS: Each week you will have prelab-quiz at the beginning of each lab section consisting of several questions relevant to the day’s laboratory exercise(s) and quizzes AND a lab report due, as indicated on the course schedule. Reports are due at the beginning of class or they are late and will be docked points (see below). Each quiz will be given during the first 15 minutes of class, so be on time to class (it won’t be extended for late-comers). Quizzes will be collected when the last person that arrived on time is finished or after 20 minutes. There are no makeup quizzes. However, your lowest quiz grade will be dropped. PRACTICAL EXAMS: A mid-term practical exam and a final practical exam will be given during the weeks noted on the class schedule. There are no makeup exams! GRADING: 9 quizzes and 1 report (20 pts. ea. – drop 1 quiz) 180 pts. 10 pre-lab quizzes (5 pts.ea) 50 Participation points 20 Midterm exam 100 Final exam 100 Total 450 pts The grading scale for this course is: A 90 – 100% B 80 – 89 C 70 – 79 D 60 – 69 F < 60 REQUIRED READING Symbiosis: Laboratory Manual, compiled by Dr. Lisa Morano, Benjamin Cummings Publishing. Available from the UHD bookstore only. RECOMMENDED READING LECTURE TOPICS Proposed Schedule for BIO 1101 Lab Tuesday: 1:00 – 3:45 pm Class Date Lab Exercise Topic Page Number (Manual) January 18 Introduction January 25 Tools for Scientific Inquiry pp. 1 – 30 February 1 pH and Buffers pp. 31 – 48 (Quiz 1: Tools for Scientific Inquiry) February 8 Macromolecules pp. 49 – 68 (Quiz 2: pH and buffers) February 15 Using the Microscope pp. 69 – 90 (Quiz 3: Macromolecules) February 22 Diffusion and Osmosis pp. 91 – 120 (Quiz 4: Microscope) March 1 Enzymes pp. 121 – 144 (Quiz 5: Diffusion/Osmosis) and handout March 8 MIDTERM PRACTICAL EXAM March 15 No Class March 22 Human Respiration & Pea Seed Respiration pp. 145 - 152 (Report 1 due on Enzyme Lab) March 29 Photosynthesis pp. 153 – 176 (Quiz 6: Respiration) April 5 Chromosomes & Cell Division pp. 177 – 206 (Quiz 7: Photosynthesis) April 12 Genetics pp. 207 – 228 ( Quiz 8: Chromosomes & Cell division) April 19 Transcription, Translation, pp. 229 – 236 ( Quiz 9: Genetics) April FINAL PRACTICAL EXAM - TBA ...
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