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Declare EmployeeName[100], Salaries[100] Set x = 1 Set Sum = 0 Set Mean = 0 Display “Enter the number of employees: “ Input Employees Count For x = 1 to EmployeesCount Do Display “Enter the employees name and salary: “ Input name, Salary Set EmployeeName[x] = Name Set Salary[x] = Salary End For Set Mean = Sum/EmployeeCount Set CountAbove = 0 Set CountBelow = 0 For x=1 to EmployeesCount Do
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Unformatted text preview: If Salary[x] > Mean Then Set CountAbove = CountAbove + 1 End If If Salary[x] < Mean Then Set CountBelow = CountBelow + 1 End If End For Display The average salary is:$ +Mean Display The number of salaries above the average are: +CountAbove Display The number of salaries below the average are: +CountBelow...
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