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Criminal Justice Paper

Criminal Justice Paper - Summary of Case of R Dell Delaney...

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Summary of Case of R. Dell Delaney The case opens with the prosecution making its opening statement. The attorney for the prosecution stands and urges the members of the jury not to give benefit to the defendant because of his status as a local celebrity. The defendant, R. Dell Delaney, is a professional baseball player for the Houston Astros and the prosecution make it known that “no one man is above the law.” The prosecution follows with a brief summary of its case. The prosecution claims that R. Dell Delaney was addicted to cocaine and it was when he hurt his pitching arm he turned solely to his addiction. The prosecution states that cocaine is a very expensive drug, and that is what caused R. Dell Delaney to rob Millers Fine Jewelry. The Defense follows with its opening statement. The defense claims that this is a case of mistaken identity, supported by the fact that R. Dell Delaney is a local celebrity. The defense follows that due to factors of burden of proof the prosecution is allowed to go first, in order to be unbiased. The defense attorneys close their opening statement by proclaiming that “We are not denying the fact that a robbery occurred at Miller’s Fine Jewelry, we are contesting the fact that it was in fact R. Dell Delaney that committed the crime. The defense follow this statement with R. Dell’s alibi: that he was getting his smog system checked at Marty’s auto repair, which is completely across town from Miller’s. The prosecution follows with its first witness, Val Calveretta. Val reached his own agreement with police: that he wouldn’t receive any jail time for his own cocaine addiction if he testified. Val opened his statement by saying that he went to high school with R.Dell. Val claimed that he was at a concert recently when he was approached by R. Dell, who asked him if he could supply the baseball star with cocaine. R. Dell told Val that he did not have the money at first but then called him later and said he had the money because he had robbed a jewelry store. In the defense’s cross-examination of Val Calveretta, the defense attorneys made a claim that Val was an unfit witness. The defense supported its claim by confirming that Calveretta was convicted on October 8 of this year for falsely reporting a crime.
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Calveretta confirmed that the only evidence he had of his discussion with R. Dell was his word. The defense strengthened their claim by making it apparent that Calveretta did not freely volunteer his testimony but did so for his own benefit. In the prosecution re-direct of the witness they put emphasis on the fact that R. Dell said he got the money by robbing a jewelry store. The witness was very sketchy to me due to his background as a cocaine user, and appeared to be “after” R. Dell because of his fame. Also, the background of this witness made me think he was testifying solely to “save his own hide.”
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Criminal Justice Paper - Summary of Case of R Dell Delaney...

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