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Joe Shotts Philosophy Friday 2:30 Dr. Mcmullin John Locke and Knowledge “All knowledge is founded upon and ultimately derives from experience.” This statement clarifies what empiricist thinkers like John Locke believed, concerning their search for truth and understanding. Locke believed that everything we came to know, we had to physically sense ourselves. That an original idea could not form without the impression of some previous experience. “There are two sources for ideas: sensation, through which the mind is furnished with sense qualities, and reflection, which supplies the mind with ideas of its own operation. The mind itself is a blank page upon which the ideas of experience are written.” Locke states that it his purpose, “to inquire into the original, certainty and extent of human knowledge, together with the grounds and degrees of belief, opinion and assent…” Locke does show his thirst for knowledge, however it is apparent that all to be considered must be concrete. There is no room for things caused by feelings or concepts not fully understandable. His tone almost sounds condescending, like he looks down upon those who mess with abstract ideas and things brought upon by imagination. Locke lists a very exact way of ascending into his thought process to be most precise. “First, I
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philosophy2 - Joe Shotts Philosophy Friday 2:30 Dr....

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