Philosophy5 - nothing and that the world most certainly...

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dBryan Redd UA Class Spring 08 Matthew Pianalto 3/23/08 Nietzsche Assignment In Nietzsche’s passage I believe the madman is trying to get across the point that the presence of God is dead amongst them. It seems that the madman is suggesting that we have lost sight of God thus killing him. The madman seems to believe that the death of God will lead to a higher history which will become unknown to mankind to which all of our children and our children’s children will belong. The madman suggests that the death of God is a distressing event. He supports his suggestion in a series of question involving the future of mankind and hinting to the fact that the world could already be spinning out of control in the wrong direction oblivious to us. He continues by saying that our very existence must be straying to an infinite
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Unformatted text preview: nothing and that the world most certainly must be in for infinite nights and deep coldness without any divine intervention. The madman states that if God goes away so to do many of the things that keeps us alive as human beings. He asks pressing question like “what water is there for us to clean ourselves”? In so, hinting that there will be no replenishment of resources. The madman summarizes his claims by saying that greatness is too great for us meaning that we cannot make the world a great place by ourselves; we most certainly need the help of God. If there is no God problems such as no need for greatness, lack of resources, and lack of certainty occur. These problems can be solved through God, however without God these problems are impossible to solve....
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Philosophy5 - nothing and that the world most certainly...

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