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Unformatted text preview: Take Home Quiz 5 www.math.ufl.edu/˜harringt April 9, 2007 Instructions: You must do all problems. You may work with other people on this quiz. However everyone must turn in their own indivual work. Be concise and as clear as possible. You must turn in the assignment at the beginning of class on April 15, 2007. No late papers will be accepted. 1. Using the technique from class, draw a 3 dimensional room. You must label any perspective points. Your room must have the following: (a) at least 2 windows (b) at least one door (c) the floor must be tiled You should use a pen or colored pencil to darken the lines that are part of the picture. The additional markings should be in light pencil. (Not completely erased.) You may be as creative as you like with the room. Also, do not used lined paper, i.e. you must use blank paper. 2. Describe the Menger Sponge. Draw the first 2 iterations. Compute the fractal dimension of the Menger Sponge. Be sure to show all work. 3. Find at least two objects from your daily life that exhibit some type of mathematical symmetry. Describe the symmetry in each case. You are not allowed to use the floor or ceiling of any room. 1 ...
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