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HW 3 STA 4702 5701 - STA 4702/5701 Applied Multivariate...

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Unformatted text preview: STA 4702/5701 Applied Multivariate Analysis Homework #3 Due 3 February 2009 at the start of class 1. Problem 4.5, page 124 of Lattin, Carroll, and Green 2. Problem 4.1, page 123 of Lattin, Carroll, and Green Please attach the code you used and the output to your answers. DO NOT WRITE YOUR ANSWERS ON THE OUTPUT. The output is the verification of the methods used and should appear as an appendix to your solutions. Of course, in your answers you can cite a table or section of output as needed so that you do not have to copy it into the solutions. SAS code to do Problem 4.5 is attached. If you are using JMP: getting the means into a dataset is not easy so you should do the following: 1) save the principal components when you run the analysis 2) save the datafile with the original data plus the principal component scores a. make sure that the data are the current window on your screen b. click on file c. click on save as… d. when the save JMP file window appears, i. migrate to the location where you wish to store the dataset ii. give the dataset a name iii. change the type to excel 97‐2003 files (.XLS) iv. click the save button 3) now use excel to create the Prin1 and Prin2 means for each of the three species 4) use excel to plot the means on a graph with Prin1 mean along the X‐axis and Prin2 mean along the Y‐axis If you are using R – this should be very easy for R users ...
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