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SAS program for cognition

SAS program for cognition - 0 Filename...

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PROC IMPORT OUT= WORK.COGNITION DATAFILE= "C:\Documents and Settings\mary\cognition.xls" DBMS=EXCEL REPLACE; RANGE="cognition$"; GETNAMES=YES; MIXED=NO; SCANTEXT=YES; USEDATE=YES; SCANTIME=YES; RUN; proc contents; quit; /* The CONTENTS Procedure Data Set Name WORK.COGNITION Observations 201 Member Type DATA Variables 19 Engine V9 Indexes 0 Created Tuesday, January 20, 2009 03:13:04 PM Observation Length 152 Last Modified Tuesday, January 20, 2009 03:13:04 PM Deleted Observations 0 Protection Compressed NO Data Set Type Sorted NO Label Data Representation WINDOWS_32 Encoding wlatin1 Western (Windows) Engine/Host Dependent Information Data Set Page Size 12288 Number of Data Set Pages 3 First Data Page 1 Max Obs per Page 80 Obs in First Data Page 61 Number of Data Set Repairs
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Unformatted text preview: 0 Filename C:\DOCUME~1\mary\LOCALS~1\Temp\SAS Temporary Files\_TD2120\cognition.sas7bdat Release Created 9.0201M0 Host Created XP_PRO Alphabetic List of Variables and Attributes # Variable Type Len Label 1 Col1 Num 8 Col1 2 Col2 Num 8 Col2 3 Col3 Num 8 Col3 4 Col4 Num 8 Col4 5 Col5 Num 8 Col5 6 Col6 Num 8 Col6 7 Col7 Num 8 Col7 8 Col8 Num 8 Col8 9 Col9 Num 8 Col9 10 Col10 Num 8 Col10 11 Col11 Num 8 Col11 12 Col12 Num 8 Col12 13 Col13 Num 8 Col13 14 Col14 Num 8 Col14 15 Col15 Num 8 Col15 16 Col16 Num 8 Col16 17 Col17 Num 8 Col17 18 Col18 Num 8 Col18 19 Col19 Num 8 Col19 */ ods rtf; ods graphics on; proc means data=cognition mean stddev N; var col2-col19; quit; proc princomp data=cognition out=PCA_analysis plots=all; var col2-col19; quit; ods graphics off; ods rtf close;...
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