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STA 4702 5701 Syllabus

STA 4702 5701 Syllabus - SYLLABUS STA 4702 and 5701 Applied...

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SYLLABUS STA 4702 and 5701 Applied Multivariate Analysis Meeting Times: MWF Period 3, Spring 2009 Classroom: TUR 2318 Instructor: Prof. Mary C. Christman, 406 McCarty C, 392-1946, [email protected] Instructor Office Hours: MWF Period 4 or by appointment TA: Ji Hyun Song, Griffin Floyd 117A, [email protected] TA Office Hours: MW Period 6 or by appointment Class Website: http://ifasstat.ifas.ufl.edu/STA 47025701/AMA.php Course Description: This course provides an introduction to multivariate statistics, with an emphasis on descriptive and exploratory methods. We begin the semester with an introduction to vectors and matrices. Introduction to multivariate distributions for vectors and matrices is next. We will cover Hotelling’s T-test and multivariate ANOVA. Then, we will move to analyses of interdependence, including methods such as principal components analysis (PCA), multidimensional scaling (MDS), factor analysis and clustering. We will then study canonical correlation and discriminant analysis. If there is time, we will also cover logit choice models, structural equation modeling or other topics of interest to the students. The course is a mix of theory and hands on application to data. Prerequisites: STA 3024 or STA 4322 or STA 6127 or STA 6167 or STA 4211 Required Text: Lattin, Carroll, and Green. 2003. Analyzing Multivariate Data. Brooks/Cole – Thomson Learning (aka Duxbury Press), Pacific Grove, CA. 556+ pg. ISBN-10: 0534349749 and ISBN-13: 978- 0534349745. (New costs around $150. Used is available for $50 and up.) Recommended Texts: Morrison. 2005. Multivariate Statistical Methods, 4 th Edition. Brooks/Cole – Thomson Learning, Pacific
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  • Spring '08
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  • Multivariate statistics, multivariate statistical analysis, Principal components analysis, Multivariate Statistical Methods, Applied Multivariate Analysis, logit choice models

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STA 4702 5701 Syllabus - SYLLABUS STA 4702 and 5701 Applied...

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