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L02_Mon_Jan_11 - by comparing the truth tables 2 MAE 3811...

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1/13/2010 1 MAE 3811 –Sp. 2010 Mahoney Meat and Potatoes Let’s practice evaluating the truth table of a really complicated looking compound statement… to make it simple, it’s only given in symbols: MAE 3811 –Sp. 2010 Mahoney Logical Equivalence Two statements are logically equivalent if they have the ______ truth values for ______ cases. We can see if two statements are logically equivalent
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Unformatted text preview: by comparing the truth tables. 1/13/2010 2 MAE 3811 – Sp. 2010 Mahoney Logical Equivalence II MAE 3811 – Sp. 2010 Mahoney That last special case is called _____________________. Question: How would this apply to the sentence “It is not true that I like soda and it makes me hyper.” Question: If we were to change the and to an or, how would the Law change?...
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