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MAE 3811 Section 7641 MWF5 – NRN 250 Instructor: Matt Mahoney Office: 467 Little Hall E-mail: [email protected] Website: www.math.ufl.edu\~gatormm Office Phone: (352) 392-0281 X-237 Office Hours: M, W, F @ 12:50 – 1:40 p.m (Period 6) Text: A Problem Solving Approach to Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers, 10 th Ed. By Billstein, Libeskind, and Lott ** You will also need a MathXL access code. The UF bookstore may have access codes bundled with the textbook or available for purchase from the customer service section in the back. Our Course ID is : XL0F-N1WZ-601Y-4MZ2 Follow the instructions on the Course Webpage for signing up for the course. Course Content: MAE 3811 is designed [although not be me] to enhance the mathematical skills of prospective elementary-school teachers and prepare them to take the appropriate teaching-methods course (MAE 4310) in the College of Education. MAE 3811 is not intended to be a course in elementary-school math, nor a course in how to teach elementary-school math. Rather, it is intended to give prospective teachers a deeper understanding of the math they will be teaching. This type of understanding is indispensable for effective teaching at any level. MAE 3811 does not satisfy general education or Gordon Rule requirements. That all being said I have personally expanded the number of topics we will attempt to cover so that that we will not only expose ourselves to not only the very basic of mathematical notions but also some of the most interesting and weird. Hopefully, I can keep you interested.
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Course Structure and Grading Format: Lecture: We will meet three times a week. Lectures will appear to have “mood disorder”. I hope to lecture via writeable PowerPoint Slides but we will diverge to using the board, worksheets, and group activities either by my personal choice or my lack of the necessary time to put together a good Electronic Lecture. Exams: You will have three in class exams and one cumulative final during finals week, each worth 60 points. The exams will feature vocabulary and multiple choice questions. The exams may feature a short response section. The questions might be pulled right from the H.W. The best three of these exams will count toward your grade. The final exam is only mandatory if 1) the student’s current letter grade is between a D- and a B- or 2) the student has missed a previous in class exam. Practical:
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SP10_MAE3811_Syllabus_v02 - MAE 3811 Section 7641 MWF5 NRN...

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