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Mahoney MAE3811 – Spring 2010 – UF Most of the Vocabulary for Exam 01 Statement: Simple Statement: Compound Statement: Formal Logic: Logical Connective: Negation: Conjunction: Disjunction: Conditional: Logical Equivalence: De Morgan’s Law: Contra positive: Converse: Inverse: Bi-conditional: Tautology: Contradiction: Logical Quantifiers: Logical Argument: Validity of an Argument: Set: Subset: Venn Diagrams: Euler Diagrams: Set Equality: One-to-one Correspondence: g : Cardinal Number: Finite: Countably infinite: Uncountably Infinite: Proper Subset: Tree Diagram: Counting Principle: The number of Subsets of a Set:
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Unformatted text preview: Universal Discourse: Empty Set: Master Diagram: Set operations: Union: Intersection: Compliment: Compliment Relative to: Cartesian Product: Numeration System: Natural Numbers: Tally System: Egyptian System: Face Value: Additive Property: Babylonian System: Place Value Systems: Place Value: The nth power: Zero-like Concept: Whole Numbers: Roman Numerals: Subtractive Property: The AMBIGUITY OF DEATH: Multiplicative Property: Base 10 Blocks: Trades/Grouping/Re-grouping. Mayan Systems: Hindu-Arabic System: Luo System: Base: Digits: Logic Gates: Binary: Expanded Form:...
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