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Unformatted text preview: Exam 02 Word Bank With Completion Sentences The following words is the Master Word Bank for Exam 02 Algorithm Array Formation Associative Axioms Base … Exponent … Power Binary Operation Breaking Up and Bridging Breaking Up the Dividend Cartesian Clock Arithmetic Closed Commutative Compatible Numbers Composite Congruent Modulo Conjecture Decimal Point Distribution Property Divisibility Test for 11 Divisibility Test for 2 Divisibility Test for 3 Divisibility Test for 4 Divisibility Test for 5 Divisibility Test for 8 Divisibility Test for 9 Divisor … Factor … Multiple Equal Additions Method of Subtraction Equivalence Relation Euclidean Algorithm FOIL Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic GCD-LCM Product Greatest Common Divisor (GCD) Group … Algebra Identity Integer Numbers Inverses Irrational Irreducible Lattice Addition Lattice Multiplication Least Common Multiple (LCM) Magnitude … Absolute Value Mental Mathematics Modular Arithmetic Nine's Compliments Opposites Orthogonal Pencil-and-Paper Prime Proof Proof by Contradiction Quotient … Remainder Rational Real Recursion Relatively Prime Right-To-Left with Carrying Scratch Sieve of Eratosthenes Standard Subtraction with Borrowing Street … Address Subtraction w/out Subtraction Subtraction without Borrowing Ten's Compliments Theorem Trading Off Whole So that you do not have to look through each and every lecture [although you should have been] here is the list of sentences that will be used on the exam in conjunction with these words. 1. A Binary Operation is a way of combing two from a set to make a new thing. 2. An operation is closed if the new the thing (answer) is a member of the same set as the original parent things were. Symbolically: g ⋆ G is the same type of thin¡ as g or G. 3. An operation is associative if three things are combine with operation consecutively then the answer is the same regardless of which consecutive pair we perform the operation on first. Symbolically: ¢g ⋆ G£ ⋆ ¤ = g ⋆ ¢G ⋆ ¤£ 4. An operation is commutative if the order of the parent members is reversed around the combining operation and yet the answer is the same. Symbolically: g ⋆ G = G ⋆ g 5. An operation, with its set, has an identity if there is an element which can be combined with any other element using the operation, and the answer is the same as the other parent. Symbolically: g ⋆ ¥¦ = g and ¥¦ ⋆ g = g Exam 02 Word Bank With Completion Sentences 6. An operation, with its set, has inverses if each member of the set has a partner such that combining the two with the operation results in the identity element. Symbolically: g ⋆ g G¡ = ¢£ and g G¡ ⋆ g = ¢£ 7. The distribution property of multiplication over addition say the production of something times a sum is the sum of that sometime times each product and vice versa. Symbolically: g ⋅ ¤¥ + ¦§ = g ⋅ ¥ + g ⋅ ¦ 8. The whole numbers are the set of numbers defined as set of all sizes of proper subsets of natural numbers. Symbolically: natural numbers....
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Voc_Bank_02_w_Hints - Exam 02 Word Bank With Completion...

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