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Project Summary 1. This is a project summary description that will evolve in the future into the Executive Summary. 2. Teams are required to start their Senior Design Project while taking Senior Design I. As this represents an important 15% of the final grade, students must understand: a. That there has to be a hardware component in this option. b. That the functions to be implemented must be enumerated in the section Senior I Hardware Project. c. That the hardware component should be no less than 20% of the total project. 3. At the end of the semester there will be a demonstration day to evaluate the projects. 4. In the demonstration day the students will turn in Progress Report 0 which will constitute part of the evaluation. Project Title Team Number: Team Member Name Signature Date Team Leader: Mentor: Summarized Problem Statement Write a brief version of your problem statement: Objectives and Constraints Write the main objectives here. No need to
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Unformatted text preview: write the secondary objectives. 1. Easy to use (Main objective) 1.1. Easy to use set-up (Secondary Objective) 1.2. Easy to configure (Secondary Objective) Project Description Give a brief description of your project. Try to use simple language avoiding complex explanations. A picture, diagram or any other graphic element is used to help the description. Only team generated images please. More images could be used if necessary. End Product Description Make sure that you can include your information in one to two pages. Senior I Hardware Project What Hardware is to be built during Senior Design I. (Describe an provide what percentage of the total project is to be accomplished in Senior Design I) Functions that are expected to be operational by the end of Senior Design I. (Enumerate) Specifications to be met by the end of Senior Design I. (Enumerate and provide figures)...
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