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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering EEL-4920 – Senior Design I Catalog Description: Beginning of the Major Design Experiment of the Professional ethics, oral communications, project feasibility study, proposal writing, system design methodology, human factors, intellectual property, liability and schedules. Prerequisite: Senior standing. Corequisite: N/A Textbook: (1) Ref: CLIVE I. DYM & PATRICK LITTLE. (2004). ENGINEERING DESIGN. Course Objectives: Develop the ability to outline and plan an engineering project with several phases and participants from distinct disciplines Conduct a team-based project Perfect communication and analysis of technical concepts and alternatives Topic Covered: 1. Introduction/Teamwork 2. Components 3. Problem Statement, Need Analysis and Assumptions and Limitations. 4. Feasibility Analysis, Operating environment, 5. Intellectual Property 6. Intended user(s) and intended use(s), Background 7. Standards 8. Health and Safety Considerations
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This note was uploaded on 07/23/2011 for the course EEL 4920 taught by Professor Arellano during the Spring '10 term at FIU.

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SyllabusSpringl2010MW500PM - Department of Electrical and...

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