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EXAM1 Review Sheet - with answers - EXAM 1 REVIEW 1 Match...

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EXAM 1 REVIEW 1. Match the sexuality function to its name: a. Procreational c. Physical emotional pleasure b. Relational d. Transcendence, enlightenment c. Recreational a. Continuation of family line d. Spiritual b. Social and personal bonding 2. Name five cultures covered in class and the ways they differ with regard to gender roles. 1. Inis Baeg : strict gender segregation throughout the lifespan (e.g., husband and wife do not socialize together). Marriages arranged—female about 10 years younger than male. Coitus duty of wife. 2. Batak : preadolescent and adolescent boys will in sex segregated dormitories, girls sleep in homes of widows who serve as chaperones; same gender sexual behavior among unmarried boys (institutionalized male homosexuality); premarital heterosexual sex sanctioned—shaming for boy, cursing for girl; males must marry someone of same age. 3. Marind Anim : early childhood sex play freely accepted for both boys & girls, boys move into gotad at age 10 & engage in same sex sexual activity with peers and “godfather” until marriage (institutionalized homosexuality); girls assigned godmother. Upon marriage, first sexual intercourse is fertility ritual involving all male members of husband’s family and bride 4. Yolngu Aborigines : marriage is arranged by mothers, eldest son betrothed to all daughters, or promise girls; levirate system (wives marry husband’s brother) 5. Pilaga Indians : no taboos against sexual behavior between age-mates during childhood & adolescence, children of different genders commonly sleep with one another; juvenile sexual behavior includes both same-and other-gender; females play dominant role in choosing sexual partners; serial monogamy; matrilocal culture 6. Muria : no sex taboos, by the time children are 3-4 y.o.’s, they’re already familiar with basic facts of sexual behavior and by the time they’re twice that age, they begin to spend more time in the ghotul (both girls and boys) 3. Place the following cultures in order along the erotophobic-erotophilic continuum: Pilaga Indians, Inis Baeg, Marind Anim, Batak Most erotophobic Most erotophilic a. Inis Baeg b.Batak c. Marind Anim d.Pilaga Indians 4. Under what conditions does sexual activity take place among the bonobo? During food sharing YES NO Between same-sex pairs YES NO Between juveniles and adults YES NO In the face-to-face (missionary) position YES NO For hours at a time YES NO
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To avoid physical conflicts YES NO To reconcile YES NO 5. Define the following terms: Matrilocal
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EXAM1 Review Sheet - with answers - EXAM 1 REVIEW 1 Match...

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