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Florida International University Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering EGN5455 – Numerical Methods in Engineering Fall 2008 Term Paper Instructions Please use these as general guidelines to develop your term paper for this class. (1) Approach the instructor for a suitable topic that relates to the course content (attached herein for your reference) and that garners enough of your interest to write a paper about it. (2) Suitable foci for the paper are the following: a) a literature review of journal articles on the subject of your choice in numerical methods b) a report of some research you are currently doing, be it laboratory, field, or modeling c) a case study that illustrates the numerical methods and approaches discussed in class
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Unformatted text preview: d) other, in consultation. (3) How long? We are looking for a total word count of 3000-5000 words. (4) Follow this proposed schedule for producing the paper: a) One paragraph description of your proposed paper, due October 15 during class. b) A Paper Outline, containing the sections that your paper will contain (e.g., Introduction, Objectives, Methods, Results, Conclusions) and a brief paragraph explaining what you will cover in each section. The paper outline should not be more than two pages long and is due November 5. c) Full paper will be due on Wednesday December 10. Between Nov 5 and Dec 10 (five weeks), you are welcome to show drafts of your paper to the instructor prior to final submittal for revisions and comments....
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